In response to the COVID 19 Pandemic Dover Eye Care has continued to follow enhanced safety protocols to protect our patients and colleagues. Click here to learn about how we will keep you safe during your visit.

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In response to the continued Covid 19 Pandemic, Dover Eye Care is following continued enhanced safety protocols to protect our patients and colleagues. 

Protocols in place to protect you through your visit include:

  • Patient screening upon entrance and temperature checks
  • Masking requirement for our patients and staff
  • Though cleaning of our equipment
  • Air filtration devices in each room
  • Protective barriers throughout the office
  • New glasses pick up window 
  • Direct shipping of contacts to your home
  • Sanitizing all optical frames between patients

In 2022 the continued Pandemic has put an unprecedented demand on our health care system. In addition, going into the third year of the Pandemic, it has created an incredible strain on our heroic health care workers.  Our staff has grown in number and efficiency to meet the demands of the community, but each day and each CDC protocol has a new set of challenges for us.  Kindness towards our dedicated health care team is so appreciated.  

Insurance / Billing :  Each patient’s insurance plan is different.  The coverage of each plan and each employer is different too.  Accessing the plans from the insurance providers, receiving paperwork and receiving referrals to and from other healthcare organizations has been a challenge during the Pandemic. Reduced work force at the insurance companies and optical labs has been one of the many of the challenges. 

We accept over 50 insurance plans, and our billing team is trained to review your plan and help you ambulate your coverage.   Please be patient as our heroic insurance and billing team is working hard to provide you support and follow up as quickly as the information is available to them.  

As always, at Dover Eye Care our doctors, technicians, opticians, reception team, billing team and administration strive to provide exceptional, digitally advanced eye care, in the historic1856 Belknap Grammar Schoolhouse building.  We wish you and your family good health in 2022 and look forward to seeing you:)

Any questions or to make an appointment call:  (603) 742-5719