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Contact lenses are a great option to see without wearing glasses. At Dover Eye Care we have cutting edge contact lens technology to allow you to enjoy all the activities you love without always wearing glasses. Wether you are a child learning gymnastics or a motorcycle rider wanting to “Fly Like the Wind”, we can help make your fun time glasses free

There are many innovations in contact lenses in the past few years. Whether your eyes are nearsighted, farsighted or have an unusual astigmatism, our doctors have advanced contact lens fitting sets and years of training to give you the best and most comfortable vision possible.

Tired of wearing reading glasses? Now there are multifocal contacts that allow you to see distance and reading. They are designed very differently than progressive glasses and allow a patient to see in the distance but still see their food or cell phone.

Many eyes have special shapes and are born with congenital corneal conditions such as pellucid marginal degeneration, kerataconus, or irregular astigmatism caused by past eye surgery, injury, LASIK or PRK. Scleral, Mini-scleral and rigid gas permeable contact lenses allow functional vision to be restored. Drs. Aslam and Ting fit custom contact lenses for a variety of eye conditions. Many insurance plans now cover custom contact lenses for medically indicated eye conditions.

If you are being referred to our office for an advanced contact lens fit by your regular eye doctor, rest assured we will give you the best care possible and return you to your regular optometrist for your routine care.

Call to make an appointment today to update you contacts, or be fit for contacts for the first time. We will make the process fun and easy.